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8 June 2016

The final step in much (most/all) research is writing up the research for some sort of publication. For me, this usually means writing a journal article or a conference paper. I have noted elsewhere about the power of the forty-paragraphs structure in putting together a journal article. But there is much more to getting ones work published. So, I was delighted to find Charlotte Cloutier’s excellent site Project Scribe. There are a raft of resources here; mainly interviews with editors, authors, and reviewers in the academic world of ‘organizational studies’.

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Today, I was lucky enough to attend a session of MOWW (Montreal Organizations Writing Workshop) at HEC Montreal. The session comprises of reviewing two papers that have been either rejected or, as was the case today, had R&Rs. Mike Pratt from Boston College (who is an editor for ASQ) was also here and provided some valuable feedback. Coming out of the session were a few lessons that I wanted to capture.

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Write that article

23 May 2016

I these notes are based on the presentation Write that article in 7 days by Dr Inger Meburn and Dr Judy Maxwell. First, if you have data, artefacts or ideas, prelim analysis or thoughts then it is possible to churn out an article quickly. Day 0: What type of academic do you want to be? Where will I publish? The journals are the top of the list are definitely my natural home.

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Recent Publications

  • Smith, P., Callagher, L. J., & Siedlok, F. (2015). Risk and innovation in projects: The case of alliancing. Paper presented at In ISPIM Innovation Summit: Changing the innovation landscape. Brisbane, AU. Abstract  pdf
  • Callagher, L. J., Smith, P., & Ruscoe, S. (2015). Government roles in venture capital development: A review of current literature. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. Abstract  pdf
  • Smith, P. (2015). Advancing software engineering: Technology roadmapping in Management 716, Computer Science 704 and Software Engineering 711. In Reflections on rethinking the classroom: Interactive teaching and learning (pp. 24--28). Auckland: The University of Auckland. Abstract  pdf
  • Breidbach, C. F., Smith, P., & Callagher, L. J. (2013). Advancing innovation in professional service firms: Insights from the service-dominant logic. Service Science, 5(3), 263--275. Abstract  pdf

Current Teaching


I am lecturer at the University of Auckland Business School, where I teach strategic managment. My research interests are revolve around strategic management in professional services firms. Nothing here is in any way endorsed by the University of Auckland.



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