These notes are based on chapter 1 of: Gillani, B. B. (2003). Learning theories and the design of e-learning environments. University Press of America. p.1 “Telling is not teaching: listening is not learning, Anonymous” Human intelligence can be split into eight somewhat related types (Gardner, 1983): linguistic logical-mathematics spatial bodily-kinsthetic musical interpersonal intrapersonal naturalistic p.6 “Researchers … support the concept that the brain is pattern-seeking device that analyzes specific features from the environment and then generates permanent neural activities that represent these features. [more]
It has been a rather hectic few months and a lot has happened. First, since 1 January 2020, I have taken up the role of Programme Director for our new Master of Business. The ink is more or less dry on the paperwork to bring the programme into existence, but it will not be dry until sometime in July. The approval process is multi-layered. Departments (MIB and GSM) have to approve it, then the Faculty needs to approve it (that happened in December). [more]
What should a capstone course do? Perhaps more fundamentally, what is a capstone course? I the second question comes from a number of my academic colleagues, and others outside of academe (but who, nevertheless, have a lot to do with the recruitment of graduates). I can’t pretend I know enough of the literature to answer either of those questions (yet)? But so far, it seems that there are three types of capstones. [more]


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Strategic Management (BUSINESS 304)
Strategic Management (BUSINESS 304)
Management in dynamic contexts (MGMT 300)
Strategic Management (BUSINESS 304)
Strategic Management (BUSINESS 304)