I have just spent the past 70 minutes, or so, talking with Charlotta Windahl and Johnny Chan about their (potential) project on market shaping. Okay, I must confess here, that I am supervising a PhD student who is looking at nonmarket strategy (which think is a form of market shaping) and that has biased my thinking somewhat–see Dorobantu, Kaul, and Zelner (2017) for an example of nonmarket strategy. Much of the discussion revolved around the question, “What is market shaping? [more]
There is a lot already written about ‘doing’ a literature review. So, why this note? Mainly, I did it to remind myself about the types of literature reviews and the processes by which they can be undertaken. Unless otherwise noted, this is mainly a summary from Huff’s excellent book, Designing research for publication (2009). First, literature reviews are not about showing (all that) you know. Rather, their purpose is to ensure the reader knows what they need to know to make sense of the research. [more]
Lisa Callagher and I were invited to give a Professional Development session by the Innovative Teaching and Learning Group (ITL) here at the Business School. Our topic was Group Assessment. In previous sessions ITL had folk talk about what they do in regards to group assessment. For example, what happens in BUSINESS 101⁄102 or in MGMT 300. The brief that Lisa and I had was to explain why we do what we do. [more]


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Strategic Management (BUSINESS 304)
Qualitative research methods (BUSINESS 705)
Management in dynamic contexts (MGMT 300)
Strategic Management (BUSINESS 304)
Qualitative research methods (BUSINESS 705)
I am a teacher and lecturer at the University of Auckland, where my main teaching and research activity is in the field of strategy. I am particularly interested in Strategy-as-practice (a practice-based view of strategy), Professional service firms, especially engineering firms, and Innovation as strategy, especially technology roadmapping (TRM). My consulting activity is focused on strategy for high-technology firms. I my spare time, I can be found enjoying running, and drinking coffee. [more]