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These posts started out as rather normal blog-like entries. Nowadays, they contain my writings on the things I find interesting.


20 Dec How I got autologin working 06 Dec Skillsoft training 20 Nov Accessing a server running under WSL2 09 Nov Starting cron under wsl2 17 Oct Updating my calendar (again) 02 Jul Deep learning 28 May Stowaway in Tenby, Wales 27 May Coffee #1 in Newport, Wales 23 May Bake and Brew in Gloucester, Gloucestershire 07 May The Elefant weg 10 Apr Hot chocolate at Milch Bar 08 Apr John Baker in Zürich 07 Apr In Zürich 01 Apr Coffee at Bluebottle Coffee in the Bradley Building 18 Feb Big Sur cafe in Grey Lynn 11 Feb Lunch at Brothers Brewer, Mt Eden 07 Feb Tip Top Factory tour - Sylvia Park 31 Jan My site in history 28 Jan SSL Certificates 27 Jan Cold rice pudding with apples 27 Jan The transformative power of sabbaticals 26 Jan Added backlinks 25 Jan Adding updates to a page 25 Jan Free ice cream at Flower Street 25 Jan Publishing in managment education 22 Jan Olympic Park in New Lynn 19 Jan Figure shortcode (again) 15 Jan A gallery 11 Jan Ali’i Coffee in Honolulu 10 Jan Waikiki Beach in Honolulu 08 Jan TRY Coffee in Honolulu 06 Jan Luau at HICSS56, the Hyatt Resort & Spa 05 Jan Tacos at Honoapiilani Food Truck Park in Kaanapali 02 Jan Lunch at Kusina Ni Jayboy, Lahania 01 Jan Departures at Honolulu airport 01 Jan Auckland International Airport


23 Dec PYO at Zakberry Farms, Waitākere 22 Dec Next notebook 22 Dec Ice cream from Mr Whippy in Newton 22 Dec Coffee at Coffee Pen in Mt Eden 17 Dec Responsive graphics 17 Dec EXIF orientation 16 Dec Coffee at Daily Daily on K’Road 15 Dec Next Gen gym in the CBD 15 Dec Checking with check-ins 15 Dec Coffee at Allpress in Ponsonby 14 Dec Coffee at Goodness Gracious 13 Dec Coffee at Fluffy in Newton 13 Dec Red Rabbit coffee in Newmarket 13 Dec The Lego Store in Newmarket 13 Dec Westfield Mall in Newmarket 12 Dec Posts by month, again 10 Dec Zettelkasten 09 Dec Here to stay? 09 Dec Twitter-dead 10 Jun Nordvpn 08 Jun Docker 28 Mar Four thousand weeks 28 Mar My personal learning environment 09 Feb Hugo directory structure 23 Jan Caran d'Ache 849 14 Jan Hugo and JSON 12 Jan Content structure 10 Jan Third steps to IndieWeb 06 Jan Second second steps in IndieWeb 04 Jan Staedtler Resina 04 Jan Responsive grids 03 Jan New theme progress 01 Jan Another new theme















24 Nov Communities of practice 01 Nov A2 Hosting 29 Oct Discuss 25 Oct Time Management for Anarchists 18 Oct Operational effectiveness: Necessary but not sufficient 09 Oct Videos in PowerPoint 02 Oct The BCG Matrix 01 Oct Playing with game theory 01 Oct Zotero and Thompson-Reuters 25 Sep Reviewing 22 Sep Academic Productivity 20 Sep Moving to Zotero 14 Sep Re-inventing the wheel 11 Sep Does it make the boat go faster 09 Sep Commenting 09 Sep Trajan 08 Sep National League Case Competition 08 Sep Team-based learning 08 Sep Transcription symbols used in conversation analysis 08 Sep Alt Code characters 07 Sep PhD Topic 07 Sep Back to work 05 Sep Templates and styles 04 Sep Team-based learning 01 Sep Blogs about academic life 09 Aug Manager Tools and Facebook 06 Aug A desire to be assessed 06 Aug Yet another upgrade 24 Jul Foundations of strategy 18 Jul Interesting place to visit 18 Jul Google mail 18 Jul Slideshare 24 Jun Self review of INTBUS 202 16 Jun Judgement 16 Jun Times they are a changin' (part 2) 11 Jun Judgement 25 May Power Outage 19 May Free at last 04 May That hurt 03 May Scribefire 13 Apr Zotero 12 Feb Remembering a Ginger cat





10 Dec Teaching Excellence Award 09 Dec Comments on supervision 08 Dec Professional Doctorates 08 Dec ANZAM - Strategising activity and practice 17 Nov Times, they are a'changing 15 Nov Answering the question 09 Nov Planning for next year 08 Nov Sounding out a research site 05 Nov Patterns in the sand 01 Nov Cholesterol still a bit low (and high) 26 Oct Another fitness assessment 23 Oct Carl Zeiss Jena (part III) 23 Oct The women 22 Oct Never can say goodbye 22 Oct More on Carl Zeiss Jena 21 Oct CZJ - Case Analysis 15 Oct Carl Zeiss Jena 15 Oct The last weekend 12 Oct Online journals 11 Oct The good, the bad, and the ugly 01 Oct The rise and fall of the Enron empire? 01 Oct Keeping to the point (what was the point anyway?) 23 Sep Novices and experts 22 Sep Leadership and Supermen 21 Sep Confronting the brutal truth 18 Sep The buck stops where? 17 Sep A variation on the prisoner's dilemma 13 Sep Commerce Act 1986 12 Sep Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf 09 Sep Politics and the English Language 07 Sep Western and Eastern thought 07 Sep Some notes on institutional fields 07 Sep Strategic management and the philosophy of science 01 Sep Discussion forums 31 Aug Yippe and Taking a break 27 Aug Is the class still improving 26 Aug Selected sound bites 25 Aug Crafting and executing strategy 25 Aug What use is theory? 24 Aug The class is improving 23 Aug Journal grades so far 17 Aug Tisdalls - shop of the year 13 Aug Chatting with Chintaka 12 Aug Vinnies 11 Aug Why do you blog? 11 Aug Self-sealing behaviour 10 Aug CEO Summit 10 Aug MECE 08 Aug Sociodrama and sociometry 06 Aug The canon of creativity 06 Aug Still doing cases 05 Aug Becoming a strategist: Branson's Virgin 05 Aug Formal analysis in strategic decisions 04 Aug The starting position 04 Aug Globalization 03 Aug Fitness Assessment 03 Aug Some questions to ponder 03 Aug How long does a team agreement need to be? 02 Aug Team Agreements 02 Aug Clinical Psychodrama 30 Jul Cholesterol too low? 29 Jul Another new pedometer 29 Jul Some notes on ethics 27 Jul Preparing a position on a case 27 Jul On becoming a critically reflexive practitioner 27 Jul We have game 27 Jul Post Exec 24 Jul Class format 22 Jul Mintzberg on management and strategy 22 Jul Docility and near-decomposability 21 Jul Recruiting and CVs 19 Jul Back to school 19 Jul A new toy (or not) 17 Jul Web sites and Google 11 Jul A question of rollover 11 Jul Site maintenance 11 Jul Roughing it 11 Jul Googling 18 Jun Shrek 2 17 Jun PhD Seminar 16 Jun Law firm survey 16 Jun Walking 15 Jun The cultural web 15 Jun Something's rotten 15 Jun What is agency? 15 Jun Some changes 12 Jun Adventures with TurnItIn 02 Jun What makes an incident 'critical'? 02 Jun References 01 Jun Paraphrasing 31 May Planning for the future 31 May Some thoughts on assignments 31 May Quotations from the final presentations 30 May The last class 30 May Lunch with friends 29 May Marking 26 May The sound of a penny dropping 25 May Still doing maps and incidents 20 May OK 20 May Critical incidents and maps 19 May Some notes on the assignment (for next time) 19 May Confusion reigns 18 May Learning journals 16 May The flow of assignments 09 May Mike's Bikes 08 May The end of an era 08 May EVA 08 May Nurses at Auckland Hospital 08 May Pigeon-holing 08 May A wake up call 02 May Devil in the detail 02 May Take a closer look 01 May Kill Bill 30 Apr About risk 28 Apr MBA Diner 27 Apr Governing variables 26 Apr Trails in net space 26 Apr Argyris & Schön 26 Apr The tax man (or woman) cometh 24 Apr Writing, writing, writing 24 Apr Starsky & Hutch 23 Apr PhD Blogs 23 Apr PhD entries 23 Apr Moving on 23 Apr Friday already 17 Apr If you ... 15 Apr Book review and response 14 Apr The railway station 14 Apr Professionalism: The third logic 14 Apr Site updates 13 Apr Achieving routine in organizational change 12 Apr The structuring of organizational structures 12 Apr New goal 11 Apr GeoURL 11 Apr Girl with a Pearl Earring 11 Apr Literature and management 09 Apr About work 09 Apr Going forward and looking back 09 Apr Academic Honesty 08 Apr The Ugly 06 Apr The bad 06 Apr The good 03 Apr Why journal 02 Apr Mike's Bikes Message Board 01 Apr Chocks away on the search engines 30 Mar The 2004 Douglas Robb Lectures and Functioning Knowledge 29 Mar Summits 29 Mar Ambiguity 28 Mar Paycheck 28 Mar Abigail's Party 28 Mar Multiple weblogs 26 Mar Scholarly works 24 Mar Mornington Crescent 22 Mar Trust 20 Mar Testing maps 19 Mar The rumour mill 14 Mar I'm anxious 13 Mar Spelling 12 Mar Echoes of Karl Weick: A few notes on sense making. 12 Mar Broken maps 11 Mar Exploring the year ahead: Creating responses to challenges and change 11 Mar Sociodrama 11 Mar Of maps 09 Mar Opening the floodgates 08 Mar Textile 08 Mar Journaling 08 Mar MGMT 301 08 Mar DPE



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