A new office

I spent part of the morning doing research. The end result—I've have a dozen books from the library, on business simulations. That should keep me busy for the rest of the week.

The new PhD coordinator, Erling called a meeting to find out what we (the PhD cohort) wanted to do during this year. It seems that there will be three main programs.

  • A series of writing retreats—the last one was so good, this was first on our list
  • A series of workshops covering things like EndNote. I might be roped into delivering that one in particular.
  • PhD seminars/get togethers/social event, every six weeks-or-so.
  • Presenting seminars by the PhD cohort to the department (for friendly feedback)

I really like the sound of the program—there is certainly a lot being done for us.

Had a mad rush over to the Takapuna/North Shore campus. It's pandemonium as the builders try and finish things for the new semester next Monday.

Anyway, they have more or less finished extending my office, so I spent several hours getting everything back into place, sorting out furniture and books, getting rid of the dust. Well, its done now. I only hope it isn't necessary for them to fit in another person—that will be a squeeze.

Of course, there is only a room shortage until the new offices are built on the third floor. Who knows when that will happen. I guess it depends on when the existing tenants leave.

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