Noises off

    How strange, it is a month since we last went to the theatre.

    Anyway, at the last moment Chris had two spare for Noises Off at the Bruce Mason Theatre. So off we jolly well went. What a riot. To quote the press release:

    Quite simply the funniest play ever written about theatre. "Noises Off' follows the on-and-off stage antics of a touring company as they stumble from dress rehearsal to disastrous last night of the sex comedy 'Nothing On'— Everything that goes wrong does, as the cast desperately tries to hang on to their lines, their performances and the furniture. Amid such comic confusion, can they ever get to the end of the show?

    Cast includes Peter Elliott, Mark Hadlow, Ilona Rodgers

    Well it was all true. I've seen the movie before, but this was even funnier. There is a magic that happens in a live performance which is different to the big screen.

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