Fitness Assessment

I had a fitness assessment at the university's Recreation Centre today. Here are the results.

Weight 111.25Kg
Blood pressure 156/90 Hypertension Stage 1
Resting pulse rate 102 bpm
Body composition
Triceps 27
Subscapular 37
Suprapsinal 41
Medial calf 32
Sum of skin folds 133.2
Astrand Submaximal Cycle Erometer
Mean heart rate 150
Work rate 1.5 Kpm/
Est. VO2 Max 2.2 Litres/
Age corrected V02 Max 1.738 Litres/minute
(this is Estimated VO2 Max 15.62 ml/kg/
Sit & reach
Thomas test Tight quads, hip flexors
Shoulder assessment
Bench pulls 12 @ 51 Kg
Bench presses 11 @ 51.Kg
Hover 55 seconds Poor
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