I'm anxious

I'm a little anxious. Okay it's not "extreme uneasiness of mind", but nevertheless I'm a little tense …

We had expected to have Net Mike setup by now, and to have emailed all the class with their login details. Alas, it's Sunday and we still haven't been able to that. The 'whys and the wherefores' of the situation, how it came to be, don't really matter for purpose of this discussion. Rather than looking backwards, I am more interested in reflecting on this moment, as it is now.

So, why am I anxious?

Well, I suspect that there are a number of students who are chomping at the bit, waiting to get started. Some, I imagine, are keen and enthusiastic and want to get going. Others will be still unclear on what needs to be done and they will be hoping that getting started on making the decisions for their firm will help bring clarity to the task; i.e. learning through doing. Few, might be indifferent to the situation; but I doubt it. Whatever the reasons, I expect, there will be students who will be concerned at being unable to get into Net Mike.

Notice the language of the last paragraph.

It is my anticipation of the classes reaction that is at the root of my anxiousness. The interesting thing is that it isn't something 'real' that is causing this emotion. Rather, it is how I imagine things will be. The class may be fine with the situation. I don't know that. Nor do I know if they will have a problem with it.

But here's the strange thing. Now that I've mentioned it, it is more likely to happen the way I anticipated it happening. Perhaps when we get to the lecture on the social construction of reality it will be worthwhile revisiting-this.

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