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9 April 2004

And here is this week’s Friday Five

  1. What do you do for a living? I mainly teach and research at the University of Auckland. I also do a bit of management consulting too. I suppose into this list, I should put that I’m currently a doctoral candidate1 researching the way in which strategy comes about (is created) in professional service firms.
  2. What do you like most about your job? The flexibility—I can work the way I want to, when I want, and how I want to. On top of that, I can read and research the things I find interesting. For me, I’d say that was pretty hard to beat.
  3. What do you like least about your job? Having to write. I enjoy the reading and the research; I’m okay and the synthesing of ideas, etc; But, I’ve always found writing a chore—I can do it, but it takes discipline.
  4. When you have a bad day at work it’s usually because … Either, I haven’t written enough for this week’s PhD quota, or I’m worried about the students. Strange, one I can something about, the other is really beyond my control.
  5. What other career(s) are you interested in? Day trading — again its the flexibility and the ability to do some analysis. Process consultant—since leaving IT (does anyone actually leave), I’ve become more and more interested in people and how they work/think/etc. Process consulting would allow me to explore that more.

This week’s questions, are from melanie .

professional service firms_

  1. The actual title of my PhD research (at this time) is _Strategising in [return]