Friday already

    And here is this week's Friday Five (Okay, I've recycled an old one, as there is no new F5).

    • What was the last song you heard? Ya-Ya by Buckwheat Zydeco Ils sont Partis Band
    • What were the last two movies you saw? Girl with a pearl earing and Paycheck
    • What were the last three things you purchased? The Queer Eye music CD, a MP3 player/radio/voice recorder (for Lisa), and a telephone extension cable (problems with the ADSL line).
    • What four things do you need to do this weekend? Write more for my PhD, See Kill Bill: Part 2, Brunch out, and the MBA reunion dinner.
    • Who are the last five people you talked to? Lisa, John Briers, Marie Wilson, Darl Kolb, Emma Dawson. I've just realised that when I'm working at home I talk to very few people except Lisa—to complete this item on the list people I had to go back to Tuesday.

    This was recycled from last year's F5.

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