Moving on

23 April 2004

I’m embarrassed by how few entries I have here—and I suspect that it is a reflection on my PhD progress (not a lot).

So, the plan is to:

  • Make an entry everyday on what I’m doing with my PhD
  • Return to study and writing at school (at home I goof off too much)
  • Only prep teaching on Mondays and Fridays (and the odd evening)
  • Keep on top of my reading by doing it in the evening
  • Write during the day. The problem is that I have too many projects on the go. Namely:-
  • EGOS conference paper due at the end of July
  • My PhD work (of course)
  • A survey of legal firms, to do with changes of archetypes within the profession
  • Work on the Oral History project which deals with accountants
  • Not to mention my regular teaching work

And I’ve still got to get access to some research sites for the PhD. Oy-Vey!