Lunch with friends

    Lisa and I met up with Brownie & Vicki Brown, Dennis & Kay Lally, and Brodie Jones at Cafe Extreme in Newmarket. The common thread between us is that Brownie, Dennis, Brodie, and I all worked together at Philips New Zealand. We meet every 6 months, well may each year, at the same place.

    I surprised to hear that Brownie was at Woodstock. He is such a good raconteur; he has so many interesting stories to tell, and some pretty good(awful) jokes too. I could—and have—listen to him for hours.

    It was nice to catch up with everyone. Perhaps we should do it more often.

    Anyway, Brownie says that once he is out of hospital, we'll all go for a ride on his boat round the harbour. From all accounts, with the engine he has, it won't take long (smile). So, here's to our next meeting.

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