Quotations from the final presentations

    The teams gave their final presentations today. Here are some quotations (well, this is what I copied down) taken out of context – but the truth is out there.

    • "We didn't use what we learnt in the practise rollovers in the real rollovers" (Random Bikes)
    • "We thought that everybody … thought like us" (Plan 9)
    • "We talked a lot about strategy … but never really had one" (Cyclomatrix)
    • "You can't be nice in business" (Sexy Bikes R Us)
    • "We're only near the top because those below us were pretty pitiful" (J Bikes)
    • "It was all luck" (Da Bomb)
    • "We didn't know what we were doing" (Cyclomatrix)
    • "Amit was inconsolable" (Pantheon Peddles)
    • "We thought we knew what we were doing … we were wrong" (Armstrong Bikes)
    • "We haven't learnt anything in this course" (The lads in Unique) "It shows" (Voices off)
    • "It is better to use [good] judgement rather than simple rules" (Unique)
    • "We found most of our success in destroying wealth" (Random Bikes)
    • "None of us had any understanding of the simulation … so we became a learning team, rather than a performance team" (Random Bikes)
    • "our perfect strategy kicks in … it was a demonstration of our superior talent and teamwork" (Performance Bikes)
    • "I lied" (Performance Bikes)
    • "We were actually very lucky" (Performance Bikes–the wining team)
    • "Our biggest problem was the lack of criticism of ideas" (Random-Bikes)

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