Law firm survey

As I've mentioned before, one of the things I'm researching is the organisation and management of law firms. This research is based on work done by John Gray.

It's taken almost a year to get everything into place but last Friday we sent out the surveys. I had a couple of emails yesterday about the survey, but today, completed survey forms have started to arrive. So far I have a 2 per cent response rate—I hope to get that up to over 80 per cent. Once I get back from EGOS, and my Research Assistant gets back from Australia, we'll start following up with the outstanding firms. It really is nice that the firms have responded so promptly, and that they have taken the time to complete the survey.

On a technical level, the research is really designed to do two things. Firstly, we hope to find the extent to which law firms are moving from the P2 form (professional partnership) towards the MPB (managed professional business). I'd also like to compare the aggregated results with the results from Australia and Canada (and maybe the UK if they are ready). There are some practical implications of this which I will discuss at a later date. It is also design to confirm some results of Stan Malos'es work on Options Theory in law firms and on they way the firms manage progression of professional staff through the firm.

My hope is that in doing this work, beside producing useful research outputs, I'll be kept at the forefront of the literature of professional service firms—which will be a big pay-off for my PhD.


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