Team Agreements

    Monday's are such a full day. From 9:00–12:00, I with teams; From 12:00–1:00 DPE to discuss the teams, I'm teaching 302 from 2:00–3:00 (so I have an hour to 'shift gears'), and finally I'm teach 101 from 5:00–6:00. Yes, pretty full.

    The first team of the day found me not at my best. I'd spent the weekend doing psychodrama and I think I was still processing what went on over the weekend. I did recognise what was happening for me, and I apologised to the team–but I'm not sure it helped them.

    One team I sat in with made a very good suggestion about evaluating each other (as part of the team agreements). For each of the broad categories in their team agreement, they suggested that they simple tell each person (anonymously as it happens) the thing they are doing the best in that category, thing that would make the biggest improvement in their performance (again in that category) and there rank in that category. It has a certain simple elegance I like (and I'm sure I haven't reported back exactly as the team member presented it, so apologies to that team too).

    Thinking of Mike's Bikes, I wonder how many people have found the "offline" mode in Net Mike, and are using it to roll-forward and to roll-back? It's a useful training aid for many types of decisions (however, it is useless for some types of decisions too). Gossip A general theme that seems to be emerging is how to deal with the issues of takeovers. There are two major ways to avoid being taken over.

    • Be too big and expensive to buy
    • Have too much market share so the commerce rules inhibit takeovers

    Alas, both of these defences take time to put in place. The first of the summits has been announced. They are normally very helpful to people. Of course, being geared to a particular role, they aren't that helpful to other people.

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