Fitness Assessment

    I had a fitness assessment at the university's Recreation Centre today. Here are the results.

    Weight 99.75Kg That's down
    Height 173.5 cm
    Blood pressure 120/78 Healthy—the meds are working
    Resting pulse rate 70 beats/minute
    Body composition
    Triceps 24mm
    Subscapular 41mm
    Suprapsinal 41mm
    Medial calf 25mm
    Sum of skin folds 132mm No change
    Astrand Submaximal Cycle Erometer test
    Age corrected VO2 Max 1.738 litres/minute This is low
    Estimated VO2 Max 27.16 ml/kg/min Delivery and utilisation
    of oxygen per kg of body weight
    — still low (< 30)
    Sit & reach Very good
    Thomas test Left quad a little tighter
    than the right, hip flexors good
    Shoulder assessment Okay
    Push ups 7 Poor
    Sit ups 7 Poor

    Overall, I'm losing weight. Now I just need to build up some strength. So, I feel on-track.

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