Fitness Assessment

3 August 2004

I had a fitness assessment at the university’s Recreation Centre today. Here are the results.

Weight 99.75Kg That’s down
Height 173.5 cm
Blood pressure 12078 Healthy—the meds are working
Resting pulse rate 70 beats/minute
Body composition
Triceps 24mm
Subscapular 41mm
Suprapsinal 41mm
Medial calf 25mm
Sum of skin folds 132mm No change
Astrand Submaximal Cycle Erometer test
Age corrected VO2 Max 1.738 litres/minute This is low
Estimated VO2 Max 27.16 ml/kg/min Delivery and utilisation of oxygen per kg of body weight—still low (< 30)
Sit & reach Very good
Thomas test Left quad a little tighter than the right, hip flexors good
Shoulder assessment Okay
Push ups 7 Poor
Sit ups 7 Poor

Overall, I’m losing weight. Now I just need to build up some strength. So, I feel on-track.