The starting position

All firms start off in the same position. So, I'd thought I'd just record some benchmarking figures so I can compare them with what firms achieve in the future.

All firms
Financial Results
Shareholder Value (SHV) $7.97
Share Price $7.97
Dividend Per Share $0.00
Retail Sales $26,302,400
Wholesale Sales $13,151,200
Gross Margin $5,610,655
Profit After Tax $1,747,715
Economic Value Created $1,326,215
Number of Shares 2,000,000
Earnings per Share $0.874
Investor PR Index 0.98
Cash $5,375,388
Raw Materials Inventory $70,915
Finished Goods Inventory $362,227
Net Assets $4,747,715
Current Liabilities $860,815
Long-term Liabilities $1,800,000
D/E Ratio (book equity) 0.56
Market Capitalisation $15,940,000
Customer Satisfaction
Retail Sales $26,302,400
Brand Advertising $100,000
Brand Awareness Index 5%
Total Product Advertising $800,000
Total Product PR $500,000
Average Retailer Margin 0.50
Distribution Channel Support $388,985
Warranty Rate 1.30%
Internal Results
Capacity (SCU) 23,929
Cost of Goods Manufactured $7,602,772
Production (SCU) 15,196
Average Mfg Cost ($/SCU)
Idle Time 0%
Production Efficiency 64%
Maintenance Expenditure $500,000
Supplier Relations Index 0.51
Manufacturing Cycle Time (days) 5.0
Quality Systems Index 0.69
Finished Goods Inventory Value $362,227
Finished Goods Holding Cost $86,200
Innovation and Learning
Training Time 2%
Skill Index 0.54
Staff Turnover 0.19
Motivation Index 0.62
No. of Products 1
No. of Product Developments nil
Product Development Expenditure $0
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