Why do you blog?

    I was talking with Amit yesterday, and he was saying that he keeps on journalling/blogging because it forces him to reflect on what he has done. I think, like me, he finds it hard to be reflective in "the moment". No doubt a psychodramatist would refer to this an example of the cultural conserve inhibiting spontaneity.

    Any way, Cao Xue-qin asked me why I blog. Well, there is a part of me that enjoys the "sound" of my own voice. However, the three main reasons I blog are:

    • To keep track of what I've read and where I've been
    • To force me to write more and to reflect
    • To remove some ambiguity from students lives, by saying what I am thinking (oh, that's a bit egocentric, isn't it).-

    Okay, so there are two main reasons.

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