Tisdalls - shop of the year

17 August 2004

I’ve been exchanging a few emails with Richard Tisdall regarding the “unreliable’ stepmeter, that I replaced. He has been concerned by the problem and very helpful in dealing with it. People sometimes complain that Kiwi’s don’t know how to do customer service, but I think my experiences with Tisdalls shows that some Kiwis give outstanding customer service.

One think I recall from marketing (many years ago) is that people are more likely to tell others of a bad experience, than a good one. So, let be unequivocal when I say, I have received excellent service from Tisdalls, and I always recommend them when people ask me about pedometers (I think they have had a half-dozen people buying them as a result of my comments). I’ll certainly be shopping there again. Tisdalls are my shop of the year