Journal grades so far

    I think it was Celeste who asked to see all the grades, so that she can compare her performance with the class average. However, since grades are, by nature, categorical, I feel an average is mathematically unsound, so here are the (sorted)grades for the class so that you can compare your position with everyone else.

    Note: I'm at home at the moment, so I'm working off an old list that is missing a few of Darl's grades–nevertheless, I think it should do the job.

    Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Assignment 4
    A- A A- A-
    A- A A- A-
    A- A- A B+
    A- A- B+
    A- A- B+
    A- B+ A A-
    A- B+ A+
    B A- A
    B B B-
    B B- B B
    B B- B
    B B- B-
    B B- B+ B+
    B B+ B
    B B+ B+ A
    B- A- A- A-
    B- B B-
    B- B- B B-
    B- C C
    B- C+ C+ B-
    B- B B
    B+ A- A- B+
    B+ A- A-
    B+ A- B+
    B+ B A- A-
    B+ B B
    B+ B B+ B+
    B+ B B+ B+
    B+ B B+
    B+ B+ A A-
    B+ B+ A+ A-
    B+ B+ B+ B
    C C C+
    C C+ C+ C+
    C C+ C+
    C- C+ C-
    C+ B- C+ B
    C+ C+ B C
    C+ C+ C+ C+
    C+ B-
    A- B-
    B B B-
    B B- B
    B- B+ A-
    B- C+ C+
    B+ B- B
    B+ B+ B+
    B+ B+ C+
    C+ B
    B B

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