Never can say goodbye

It was the last class of MGMT 302 Business Policy Strategy today. At the end of the class I played "Never can say Goodbye", and I came over all melancholy. The students have been a good bunch and I like them immensely. But, for various reasons, this is likely to be the last Business Policy & Strategy course I teach for sometime.

Of course, I don't own the course, but over the past five years, or so, I have become attached to it. It will be strange not teaching it. And so, yes, I am feeling melancholy (but not sad).

There is not much left to do with regard to the course, except:

  1. Complete marking the assignments (which will be done on Tuesday)
  2. Collate the marks (and send a copy out to the students)
  3. Get the course assessor approve the marks (all courses here have assessors—in fact I'm an assessor for a couple of courses)
  4. Submit the marks to Examinations
  5. Write-up my report on the course

And that's it. By the end of next week I should be able to file everything to do with MGMT 301.

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