Another fitness assessment

    I had another fitness assessment at the university's Recreation- Centre today. Here are the results.

    Overall, my weight loss has plateaued but I'm definitely fitter. I think I need to adjust my diet somewhat. It'll be interesting to see what the doctor says next. Most-interestingly-was how poorly I did on the sit ups—my boxing training has done a lot to improve on my "abs' but it didn't show on today's test. I'll have to think about that (is it the test itself?).

    Anyway, the results were:

    Weight 99.08 No change
    Height 176 I've grown … nearly 3 cm
    Blood pressure Not done
    Resting-pulse rate 60 beats/minute That's an-improvement …
    it's down from 70 bpm
    Body composition
    Triceps 24mm Same
    Subscapular 37mm Same
    Suprapsinal 26mm Big drop from 41mm. So, I'm losing fat
    from somewhere. Maybe it's getting converted
    Medial calf 27mm Same
    Sum of skin folds 114mm Down
    Hip to waist 0.92 Was 1.02—I'm now in the moderate group.
    That makes my body-fat content 25%, down
    from over 30%
    Astrand Submaximal Cycle Erometer test
    Estimated-VO2-Max 33 Better. The fair range is 31—39
    Sit-&-reach Very good
    Thomas test Left quad a little tighter
    than the right, hip flexors good
    Shoulder-assessment Okay
    Push ups 19 Well that is over double, but not quite
    in the "good' range (21—30)
    Sit ups 9 Fair … argh! I've been working hard
    and I expected more

    Of course, this is all age dependent.

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