ANZAM - Strategising activity and practice

For the next few days, I'm in Dunedin attending the 2004 ANZAM conference.

The main reason for being here is to give a workshop on Strategising activity and practice. In fact, I'm running the workshop in conjunction with Paula Jarzabkowski and Colin Campbell-Hunt. Gerry Johnson staffid=11 was going to be here too, but alas he can't travel (from Scotland) at the moment (he was also going to be the keynote speaker at the conference too). About 60 people registered for the conference, but not everyone turned up.

What was most striking for me was how few people had read anything (not even the JMS special issue) on strategy-as-practice. I think for the majority of participants, this was their first exposure to strategy-as-practice. This has me wondering how much I might be missing out on in new areas of development. When one tends to focus on reading a few journals, how can one be sure that one is keeping abreast of what is happening across a whole field.? In particular reading the Strategic Management Journal, which many would say is the pre-eminent strategy journal, does not provide coverage of strategy-as-practice or other, dare I say, non-American, views. In addition, I'm reminded that John McGee told me that may good academics feel that their best work was published in second-tier journals.

So, I'm left wondering "How does one, keep 'up to-date'"?

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