Teaching Excellence Award

    I came back from ANZAM a little early, so that I could attend the faculty Xmas bash. Part of the event consisted of the awarding of Teaching Excellence Awards. Having been nominated by Peter Boxall, and then spent some considerable time putting my teaching portfolio together, I was hopeful of an "honourable mention".

    So, it was a wonderful surprise to actually get the award (and the $3,000 grant that goes with it).

    It was wonderful to have my colleagues, and more importantly my students, recognise the effort I put into my teaching.

    Whilst putting my portfolio together, I spent some time thinking about why I'm a good teacher. To misquote Newton, if I have seen better how to teach, it is only because I've stood on the shoulders of giants. In other words, I've learnt a lot from the excellent teachers who taught me, and the excellent teachers with whom I have shared teaching. In alphabetical order they are (and apologies for any omissions):

    • Barbara Simpson
    • Catherine Casey
    • Chris Woods
    • Darl Kolb
    • David Barry
    • Joline Francoeur
    • Judith McMorland
    • Judith Pringle
    • Lisa Callagher
    • Peter Boxall
    • Richard Brooks
    • Willie Smith

    And of course, there are the many students who were tolerant (most of the time), as I tried new things, and when I made mistakes.

    So, thanks to everyone for your support.

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