Reciprocal business. Part 2

    As often happens, I'm looking at this as an opportunity for learning. So, I'd like to pose a few questions to the author of the Reciprocal business email. The purpose of the questions are two-fold. Firstly, it helps me understand what the author is thinking, and secondly it forces the author to clarify their own thinking.

    So, I wonder:

    • What does reciprocal business mean to you?
    • What do you think it meant to the CE (and others in that organisation)?
    • Do you think the term reciprocal business is widely used (and understood) in New Zealand (especially when compared to the rest of the world)?
    • What do you expect will happen when you met the CEO and what do you think will happen?

    I look forward to your comments and reflections.

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    Word count: 200 (about 1 minutes)


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