The movie Tampopo, spawned a restaurant in London called Wagamama (and that in turn spawned a cookbook). If you've seen the movie, then you won't be surprised to find out it's a noodle house. And now there is one in Auckland.

    Lisa and I went there for lunch, and despite the queue it was well worth it. The menu was full of tempting dishes—it was hard to choose what to have. However, I ended up having a chilli chicken ramen (which was super—I the soup base was particularly good), and Lisa went for the hottest dish on the menu—according to the waitress—the spicy chicken itame.

    Despite being busy (we had to queue for five minutes) we were still in-and-out in under 30 minutes. The seating is what the Americans call "family style", you sit at long tables with whoever else is there. A great lunch. I recommend it.

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