Yet another check up

2 August 2005

Another three months, another check up.

Lots of blood tests and a raft of diabetes tests (just in case). Everything is okay. What stands out is my HDL Cholesterol (the good stuff) continues to move up to 1.4 mmol/l from 1.2. This has made a big change to my Total/HDL ratio, which is now 2.9 — not bad. I credit that to my homemade muesli. Whoever thought I’d be “knitting my own muesli.

Blood pressure is pretty stable at 13285—but it could be better yet. More exercise and less eating is needed.

Overall, a big tick from Doc Budelmann. Quick summary then

Acutal Target
Total cholesterol 4.0 mmol/l < 5.0
HDL cholesterol 1.4 mmol/l > 1.0
LDL cholesterol 2.3 mmol/l < 3.0
Triglyceride 0.8 mmol/l < 2.0
Total/HDL ratio 2.9 < 4.5