Columbus Coffee

    Milos, one of the students on the Auckland MBA sent out an email today saying that his new venture, a coffee shop, is opening today. So, I ventured out to 441 Queen Street where his Columbus Coffee shop is.

    It's a beautiful location, and the shop itself is well presented. I think he can do well there. What I like about Milos is the clarity that he often brings to his thinking. He has a clear plan of the stages he needs to go through to be successful (and I'd be surprised if he wasn't successful).

    I had a hot chocolate (I try to avoid coffee after 15:00). It was good—I hope the rest of the class finds time to sample his wares. It was nice to catch up with him outside of the "cloisters' of the University. It reminds me of the time when I ended up visiting Vodafone with Lisa. I wonder if it would be good to see more of the students in their own"worlds' rather than just at the University.

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