MBA Drinks

Last night we held a get together for the current MBA cohorts. Once again we held it at the Northern Club.

It was so nice to see such a large turn out of "MBAers" and their partners. Talking to some of the partners (I didn't manage to talk to everyone), it is apparent how much support they provide to those undertaking the Auckland MBA (tm). Consequently, I always like to thank the partners because for many of the participants, they wouldn't be successful with out that support. That's congruent with my own experience—without Lisa's support when I was doing my MBA (class of 1995), I would have found the experience much harder.

That implies that those with out partners have a "harder time' doing the MBA, and think that is probably true. It is very important to have good support at home and at work. The choice of using the Northern Club is somewhat controversial. It is clear that for some participants (or more correctly, non-participants in the evening), the values associated with the club, and the way those values are manifested in the dress code, makes it an undesirable venue. I hear that some of the class held their own dinner that evening at another venue. Whatever the"politics' around that, I think it is a good thing that that they got together in that way.

It is now clear how much impact the orientation activity, The Pursuit, had on the recent (Winter) intake of participants. As a team building exercise, it has worked very well. We (Darl Kolb and I) will have to start planning for the Summer intake. It is also clear that had participants had foreknowledge of The Pursuit, they would have set up things in advance—which would have been somewhat counter to the goals of the exercise. So, we'll have to keep the exact details of next year's Pursuit a secret.

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