Animation Now

The first film of the film festival (for me any way) was Animation Now; a collection of "animated gems"1. I agree with someone else who was there, who said it wasn't as good as last year.

Nevertheless, there was some good material. The best of the collection were:

  • McLaren's Negatives: I liked this as it gave me a better insight into how some forms of animation are done
  • Son of Satan: I bet those who confused this with Animation for Kids regretted it. An interesting exposition of violence.
  • The True Story of Sawney Beane: A lovely Scottish tail of cannibals.
  • At the Quinte Hotel: After all, I am a sensitive man as Al Purdy puts it.

Although judging by the applause, the audience also liked In My Day The film The Man of the Hour started of really well and then lost the plot (well, lost me anyway).

All in all, well worth seeing.


Their words not mine.

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