An Inconvenient Truth

    I should start by saying (no pun intended) that I was already warm to the idea of global warming. So, this film (docco) about Al Gore and his crusade to inform the world about global warming fell on fertile soil. Judging by the applause at the end of the movie, most of the audience were also "converts' (or had their opinions re-enforced).

    Al comes across as an excellent speaker (and would you expect anything less of a presidential candidate) and someone who is passionate about the topic. He's also a Mac user—perhaps that's why he never got into the Whitehouse.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the movie. Overall, 3 out of 5 stars. Having said that, it was emotionally laden and I know that I (and others) would have liked a bit more science and perhaps a bit more of a debate—but then again it didn't really set out to be an unbiased discussion of the issue.

    Despite my average rating, I do think that this move is an important work and probably should be seen. The website that is mentioned in the movie is

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