The Sharp GX17

    I've replaced my old phone. My Nokia 6310 has been retired.

    I tend to only use my phone in the car (with a Blue Ant car kit but I've always wanted to use the old Nokia with my laptop. Alas, the bluetooth implementation on the Nokia seems to be a bit flaky to say the least. Firmware upgrades, new PC software had no effect; the connection to the PC was always difficult (aka impossible).

    Everyone else around me seems to be getting new phones (and the Motorola Razr seems particular popular), but all I want is a phone that does bluetooth well and that I can manage through my PC. I don't particular want a camera, play games, download, ring-tones. Bluetooth is all I really need.

    Anyway, I was passing Cool Mobile in the city and went in and had a look at their parallel imported products. I was pleasantly surprised to bump into a former MGMT 101 student working there. The end result is that I've brought a Sharp GX17. Not a new model by any means. Not G3. But I think it will do want I want it to do.

    Being an impulse buyer, I didn't stop to check the price with Vodafone. After the event I found I could get it $20 cheaper through Vodafone. Que sera.

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