21 July 2006

Still at the festival … This movie is a semi-autobiographical piece by Richard E. Grant recounts a his life in Swaziland. Not only did he write the screen play, but he also produced and directed it. Apparently, his real mother (played in the movie by Miranda Richardson) thought is was a good movie too (if I remember the Five Live interview). There is some really fine acting in this movie. I particular enjoyed seeing Emily Watson as Ruby—but the whole cast was pretty good.

Oddly, the cinematography of Swaziland (I think it was filmed there) reminded me of the Wairarapa on a hot summer’s day. But then, I’ve often thought that the Wairarapa was a bit like the African veld (and yes, I’ve never been to the African veld, but I have been to the Wairarapa).

Overall, four out of five stars.