MMICC: McGill Management International Case Competition

    I received and email today from Baris to let me know he has a blog. Baris was one of the students from Maastricht University who competed in the MMICC in March this year.

    His site lead me to Manu's site who was also part of the Maastricht team.

    The interesting thing about the Maastricht team was that many of the students were from Germany (rather than the Netherlands). That's a bit like our own Valeria Biurrun and Christian Zaum, who I think are also Germans who studied at Maastricht (and are now studying here at Auckland).

    They, Valeria and Christian were part of the team—with Lincoln Kyne, Pravin d'Lima, and Barbara Wilkinson—that competed in the regional round of the BCG case competition. Alas, in this postgraduate compeition the two teams that were placed were from AUT and Canterbury.

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