Tony Seba

    Spark, we had a brief seminar from Tony Seba today. He was presenting his research (that turned into his book Winners take all: The 9 fundamental rules of high tech strategy. He is a very suave and compelling speaker.

    Here's a summary of the his main points:

    • Rule 1: Feel The Pain. Then Develop Your Product
    • Rule 2: Focus, Win, Grow, Repeat
    • Rule 3: Add Value Not Features
    • Rule 4: Have a Story. Communicate Clearly
    • Rule 5: It's a Risky World. Sell Confidence!
    • Rule 6: Convert Champions Not Deals
    • Rule 7: Choose The Right Partners. Manage Them with Clarity
    • Rule 8: Design Products and Services That Are Easy to Adopt
    • Rule 9: You're Doing Well. Congratulations. Now Change or Die.

    Even in this rather terse format, there are a lot of lessons to be learnt (especially with number 3 for Chinataka).

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