Choosing among projects of action

I've mentioned elsewhere Emirbayer & Minche's great article on agency.

In that article they refer to projects of action, and in particular an piece by Alfred Schutz, namely:

Schutz, A. (1962). Choosing among projects of action. In M. A. Natanson (Ed.), Collected papers: Volume 1, The problem of social reality (pp. 67—98). The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff.

Here are my notes from that chapter

  1. The concept of action
  2. The time structure of the project
  3. In-order-to and because motive
  4. Fancying and projecting
  5. The foundation of practicability
  6. The world as taken for granted
  7. The biographically determined situation
  8. Doubting and questioning
  9. The problematic and open possibilities according to Husserl
  10. Choosing among objects within reach
  11. Choosing among projects
  12. Bergson's theory of choice
  13. Leibniz's theory of volition
  14. The problem of weight
  15. Summary and conclusion

My comments

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