EGOS 2007

Well it is only a couple of weeks now until I leave for the EGOS conference in Vienna. So, this week I plan to download and print all of the articles for the Strategizing: Activity and Practice stream (i.e. Strategy-as-practice).

Unlike many conferences, EGOS has streams which participants are expected to stay with. There is no moving around because so-and-so is giving a paper in a different stream. There are great advantages to the EGOS approach. The two most important ones is that it does foster a strong sense of community in the stream, and secondly it increases the intensity of what goes on in the stream—after 30+ papers, one can't help be very involved in the topics.

I'll use this conference as a chance to polish off my literature review on the subject, and to catch up with colleagues who I rarely get to see.

(Oh, having said I'll print the articles, I will read them too, but I'll save that for next-week).

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