Of late, I've been reading a number of things by Theodore Schatzki. In particular, I have just finished reading:

Schatzki, T. R. (2002). The site of the social: A philosophical account of the constitution of social life and change. University Park: PA: Pennsylvania State University Press.

I am continually struck by the subtle, but important, differences in the use of language in difference "genres' of academic writing. This fact will come as no surprise to those who study discourse. Schatzki, has a propensity to use two words that I rarely come across in my usual reading. He likes qua and pace.

Qua: In so far as; as; in the capacity of Example: When considering people qua strategists, one needs to distinguish "strategic practices'.

Pace With due deference to; despite Example: Pace, those who study discourse, discourse is just another practice.

I wonder how pretentious it would be to use those words in my own writing—after all they aren't really part of my "genre'. I think I answered my own question.

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