Looking forward

At the moment, my PC is in the middle of a reboot. This morning, Outlook crashed. The diagnostics from Microsoft reported that I needed to install the Service Pack (SP1) for Office 2007. After downloading the 200Mb "patch', my PC wanted to reboot … so, as I sit here waiting for that to complete, I thought I'd put some end of year thoughts down.

My PhD work continues—I hope to complete the last few bits of data collection in the next two months (before getting back into the fray of "normal' academic life).

I've got a lot to do this year. I hope to produce some good articles for EGOS (the conference is in July) and for SMS (their conference is is October). I hope to attend the EGOS conference, and Liliana (with whom I'm co-authoring the article—along with Yvon Dufour) will attend the SMS. The problem (?) is that submissions for those conferences have to be in by the middle of January.

The EGOS article should be a straightforward of the work we (Liliana, Yvon, and myself) have been doing on pluralistic contexts (e.g. such as those found in professional service firms and not-for-profit organisations). The SMS is more challenging. I'll meet with Liliana next week to work out the "road-map' for that article. There is also a third article (also with Yvon and Liliana) which is targeting a French speaking conference.

Those three conference papers should then be refined and developed in to more substantial journal articles. That should keep us busy for awhile ….

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