Remembering a Ginger cat

    Ginger (born 6 Oct 1997), gone but not forgotten.

    • Coming home from the Humane Society in a photocopier paper box (with Fred)
    • The first catch—earth worms.
    • The great expedition (with Fred)—walking along the fence and into other gardens. Tails held high.
    • Confusion—catching a fly and not knowing what to do with it.
    • Going though the cat-flaps at full speed—bang! bang!
    • Running into the closed ranch sliders.
    • Eating biscuits with such vigour that they explode in his mouth and go everywhere.
    • Sleeping on Lisa's head.
    • Jumping of the dresser on to the bed.
    • Sleeping in the laundry (or the clean cloths).
    • Digging in the litter tray (in the middle of the night, for what seems like ages)
    • Chasing a piece of rope around and around the garden.
    • Helping to make the bed, by playing under the sheets.
    • Sleeping on my tummy whilst watching TV
    • Trying to fit into any box (regardless of how small)—harking back to his kitten days.
    • Sleeping in Lisa's in-tray
    • Watching the world go by from his basket on the deck.
    • His tiny front teeth
    • Nudging hard when he wants-food

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