Team-based learning

    I have seen the future and it's name is "Team based learning"

    Today, I went to Larry Michaelsen's seminar on Team-based Learning

    He was impressive. Next year I will redesign one course around Team-based Learning (yes, it was that good).

    I have been using a range of elements in my own teaching, that are compatible with Team-based Learning. However, it is clear to me that Larry has spent much more time thinking about his teaching than I have (he is, after all, an emeritus professor and has been using this approach for 25 years). So, I think he has a much more robust way of connect the elements together.

    A few notes:

    • He has written a few books many of which are about Team Based Learning.
    • Apart from the main Team-based Learning web-site", information can also be found here.

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