Does it make the boat go faster

Today I was asked if I would be acting as a discussant at the next PhD conference. I'd see the emails about the conference and had already decided that I wasn't going to put a paper forward and that I wasn't going to act as discussant.


Although I glibly said "It's not my core business", what I really meant is that I had asked the question Does it make the boat go faster? 1, and the answer was no. Having spent sometime thinking about what I do here, there are only three things that make up my "boat" here :

  • Teaching well
  • Publishing two good articles per year
  • Finishing my PhD

So, when I'm asked to do something, if I can't see an immediate and direct connection to making the boat go faster, then I'm probably not going to do it.

"So", I can hear someone saying, "what about your blog?"

Good question. I regard self-reflection as fundamental process in becoming a better manager, teacher, and researcher. This blog provides a semi-structured forum for me to engage in self-reflection, so I'll keep on doing it (as much as ever, and possibly a bit-more).


Attributed to Peter Blake

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