Moving to Zotero

    For the past couple of weeks, I've been switching over to Zotero for my PhD thesis. With over 300 references and 1,000+ citations this hasn't been a quick task. Anyway, on Thursday I finally pressed ALT+3 (the key I've set up to insert the bibliography) and was rewarded with a VB run-time error "6' (Overflow).

    It seems that there —is— was a bug in the code. Anyway, a day later there was a fix. Thanks to Mat Hickman for posting the fix. It was a matter of changing two variables for INTs to-LONGs.

    So, I've now generated my bibliography.

    The next step is to check my work. I've produced to text files from my current (Zotero-ised) version and my Endnote version. There is a really nice tool, called WinMerge that does a spiffing job of visually showing the differences between the two text-files.

    Sometime later this even, I should have a 'correct' version of my thesis with all the citations correct from Zotero. Then I can get back to writing ….

    Two little features, that I haven't checked on the Zotero forums are:

    • If a bibliography has been inserted in a document, then adding/amending citations takes a long time as the bibliography is recreated, and
    • Editing an existing citation, with multiple authors, doesn't correctly sort the authors (and there seems to be now way to manually move-them).

    Nevertheless, I'm really happy to be using Zotero.

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