Reading my Maildir

Having downloaded my emails from Gmail (so I can have a backup), how do I read them (in case Gmail goes down).

We'll I've elected to use mutt, which is a nice piece of software based on the "Worse is better" principle. As the author of mutt says:

"All mail clients suck. This one just sucks less." —me, circa 1995

Most of the configuration for mutt can be done through the .muttrc file. Mine is like this:

set mbox_type=Maildir
set folder="\~/Gmail-archive"
set spoolfile="\~/Gmail-archive"
set mbox="\~/Gmail-archive"
set mask="!^.[^.]"
set record="+.Sent"
set postponed="+.Drafts"
set reply_regexp="\^(((___SPAM___[t])|[rR][eE]:[ t])\_)+"
set pager_index_lines=9
color index brightgreen default \~p \#To me (personal)
color index yellow default \~N \#New
color index yellow default \~O \#Old
bind pager <up> previous-line
bind pager <down> next-line
bind pager <left> exit
bind pager <right> view-attachments
bind attach <left> exit
bind attach <right> view-attach
bind index <right> display-message
macro index <left> "c?"
bind browser <right> select-entry
bind browser <left> exit

The little regex bit remove the SPAM heading from messages (that is attached by our mail system to suspect Spam) if I decide to reply to it. I.e., if a mail item is incorrectly classified I don't want the send to be bothered by the fact it was labelled as-Spam.

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