Zotero 1.5 beta

    I've just moved to beta version 1.5 of Zotero. It was a trial.

    • My database wouldn't convert, so I had to upload it to their db repair tool.
    • Upgrading the Word add-in irrevocably changes your documents so you can't go back to 1.0. That isn't a problem in its self, but it looked as if the upgrade was hanging—it took 20 minutes to upgrade a 144 page, 220 reference document.
    • The sync option often gives errors … but it always manages to sync in the end.

    Now, all I have to do is figure out how to use webdav with Amazon's S3 to back up all my PDF files (Yes, I know I could use Jungle Disk, but I like my solutions more open source than that (generally)).

    Anyway, it is working fine now and its nice to be able to share my bibliography.

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    Word count: 200 (about 1 minutes)


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