The journey continues

    A few people have noticed that I have lost some weight, and that's true.

    I'm also getting a few questions about the how I did it … so here it is.

    Graphs of weighloss progress

    Graphs of weighloss progress

    I really only did did two things. First, I began tracking my weight daily on Physics Diet. Secondly, I everything that I ate through Live Strong (and in particular the Daily Plate function there). Putting my managerial hat on, I would say that we know "you get what you measure", and so I measured.

    The background information that kept me on the straight and narrow came from John Walker's the hacker's diet.

    The result, so far, is I've lost about 20 Kg, and I think I have about another 10–15 Kg to go. That would put me bang in the middle of normal body mass index range for my height. Having said that, the people choice ideal weight for me would be about 77 Kg.

    Anyway, the journey continues…

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