Farewelling a fine feline friend, Fred



    Fred (born 6 Oct 1997), gone but not forgotten.

    • Fitting into a photocopier box (with Ginger and room to-spare).
    • Walking along the fence for the first time with question-mark tails, and wondering if they'll every come-back.
    • Chasing around in a circle after a-stick.
    • Being hit by a car, and wondering if he'll survive. He was so wet and bloody.
    • Sleeping on the bed (and especially on top of-Lisa)
    • Laying on the couch-back.
    • Sitting in the window looking at the-world.
    • Catching some sun. He always knew where the heat-was.
    • Spending time (days) at Maureen's. She misses him-too.
    • Being very quiet and stealthy.
    • Catching birds and rats. A skilled and efficient hunter (when he wanted to-be).
    • Catching worms (just the once), his (and Ginger's first-catch).
    • Making us worry; waiting for days for him to turn up (around Maureen's probably); but only in summer.
    • Taking over Ginger's place in the letter-tray.
    • Sleeping on Lisa's in-progress quilts.
    • Trotting across the grass; watching him from the living-room window.
    • Splashing water all over the place when drinking; dewy droplets on his-nose.
    • The little scar by his-eye.
    • His black, black-paws.
    • His super fine fur that was almost un-comb-able.
    • The funny little trill he would make when hungry.
    • Standing on his rear legs, at the bench when food was being served.
    • Eventually deciding that sitting on/with people was okay (only in the last eight months).
    • Being a old gentleman, and climbing onto furniture, rather than jumping.

    You're sadly (and fondly) missed Fred.

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