My personal learning environment

16 December 2009

Jo Badge talks a bit about her personal learning environment, and so I thought I’d draft out mine. I’m really web-centric and spend most of time “in’ Firefox (I sometimes think about switching to Chrome, but I’m hooked on Zotero).

My personal learning environment

I found it interesting to consider what is missing here … there is no PowerPoint. I so rarely use “slides’; often all I have is a single slide so students coming into class know they are in the right place. Increasingly, when I need slides I’m trying/learning to do them using Beamer. Having said that, for the odd complex set of ideas I do use MindManager in presentation mode to show how I see the connections between things.

Since writing this, I’ve come across Hull, Pettifer, and Kell (2008). They present an interesting figure, which seems to show how much I can actually do in Zotero (which is most of it).

Figure 4 workflow

Figure 4. A typical workflow for using a digital library representing a subset of the literature. Tasks represented by white nodes are normally performed exclusively by humans, while tasks shown in blue nodes can be performed wholly or partly by machines of some kind. The main problematic tasks that make digital libraries difficult to use for both machines and humans are “‘GET’” (publication) and ‘“GET METADATA”. These are shown in bold and discussed further in the Identity Crisis section of this paper.



Hull, D., Pettifer, S. R., & Kell, D. B. (2008). Defrosting the digital library: Bibliographic tools for the next generation web. PLoS Comput Biol, 4(10), e1000204. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000204