Running buddies

I've just noticed that Andrew has just dobbed me in as an occasional runner and his sometimes running buddy.

Thanks …

I've been sort of running since about March 2009. I'd been taking a few writing retreats at Orewa, Totara North, and Long Bay. In between writing, I'd walk a little. That turned into trying 5K runs, and it's grown. I started to get somewhat habituated to running, and found myself doing it most Sundays.

I then began to think I might do the Auckland half-marathon and began doing the occasional run with Andrew (so I could pick his brains about running). This became a regular thing, and now we run most Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 10k or so.

Today, for a change, we're planning to have a crack at the route of the Onehunga half-marathon. If it goes well we might do the official run at the end of the month … but that really depends on how it fits with our training plans (mine for the Auckland marathon in October, his for the Taipei marathon in December).

Anyway, I should be getting ready to run now …

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