31 December 2010


It’s hot. Darn hot. Looking at the comments from my street team at RunKeeper the heat plays an import role in how they feel about their runs.

I know that even after a 10Km run, or so, in this weather I’m quite thirsty. And then there are my long (20-35Km) runs. Even before summer arrived, I would drink a litre or two at the end of my run. But no more (I hope). I’ve invested in a Camelbak Octane XCT.

Camelbak XCT With two litres of water, that should make my long runs more comfortable. And yes, I did get the bright yellow one … it was all I could find in the Boxing Day sales.

My first real trial of the pack will be on Sunday when I’m planning to do a 24Km run. That’s also when I hope to get a blow-by-blow of Andrew’s recent outing at the Taipei Marathon.