Hydration (Part 2)

I did a 24Km today, and my new XCT Camelbak worked well … It was good to maintain my hydration, and this felt like one of my easier long runs. Actually, it was easier in pace, but I didn't have the same sort of fatigue that normally accompanies my long runs.

I quickly figured out how to drain the air out of the Camelbak so that it didn't slosh around (turn it upside down and suck the air out of it). I also figured out how to tuck the mouthpiece down so it doesn't flap around.

If there was a problem it was that the straps kept loosening themselves off. I may have to fix that (permanently) once I work out the right length for the straps. Nevertheless, it was pretty comfortable and I didn't really notice the pack once I had it adjusted.

It was great to catch up with Andrew. We both noted/noticed how much more enjoyable it is running with some one (as opposed to running alone). He tells me he has a new pack from Nathan, but he forgot to bring it with him today (and perhaps he regretted that). No doubt he'll write a review about it sometime.

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